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LMI manufactures storage tanks in 10, 35, and 50 gallon sizes. All tanks have a molded in recess for an LMI Metering Pump. The 35 Gallon Tank features a pump mounting location at the base of the tank providing flooded suction which is ideal for off-gassing chemicals and applications where very low output is required. All tanks feature heavy wall construction of UV resistant polyethylene

50 Gal ds
35 & 10 Gal ds
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LMI 50 gal PE Tank Assy AccentPDIR 1.00
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LMI 50 gal PE Tank Assy AccentPDIR 1.00
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LMI 35 Gal.Tank Assembly AccentPDIR 1.00
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LMI 10 Gal. Tank Assembly - Yellow AccentPDIR 1.00
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LMI 15 Gallon White PE Tank AccentPDIR 1.00